October's Member of the Month - Lisa Dysleski

October's Member of the Month - Lisa Dysleski

Congrats to Lisa Dysleski on being October’s member of the month!

Here was your hint:

“­­­­­­­_________________, (Dysprosium) has a high thermal neutron absorption cross-section, meaning that it is very good at absorbing neutrons. Because of this, it is used to make the control rods that are put into nuclear reactors to absorb excess neutrons and stop fission reactions getting out of control.”

This was the hint because one day as I was writing names on the board I put “Lisa Dys” to differentiate between the two Lisas at the gym. Lisa Dysleski let me know that “Dy” is the symbol for the chemical element Dysprosium, which we agreed would be a pretty great nickname for her, being an ex-CSU chemistry professor! She has since moved on from teaching, to be the all powerful, Associate Dean at the CSU College of Natural Sciences (Tony Franks lead advisor, I’m sure of it!).

Lisa was reffered to the gym by a friend. She came into fundamentals not sure if it was the right environment for her or not…

At the time, we were running Fundamentals in the evening during the week, she waded her way towards the back of the gym trying not to be noticed as a busy and very eccentric class finished up. Then, coach Mike jokingly shouts “Hey! I know you! You failed me in Chemistry!” Lisa chuckles and says, “noooooo…you failed YOURSELF!” The two chatted and joked for a minute before class and Lisa began Fundamentals, the start of her legendary Yeti Cave journey, in becoming one of the many rockstars in the gym.

Running for the sake of running…the very nightmare that brings many into a CrossFit gym to avoid. Lisa’s goal was a bit different. We set out to make her a healthier, functional, safer, stronger, and faster runner. Why would someone want that?! Well Lisa came from an Ultra running background…she had completed not one, but FOUR 100 MILE RACES! And our goal was to fix her up and help her able to do whatever she wants, even another 100 mile race if she wanted too.

Lisa is typically found at the 5:15am class, but is known about in all the classes at the gym. Much like Austin setting the bar for the men for the day, her scores are often used as a benchmark by the ladies in the later classes. A difficult mark to beat that’s for sure!

Lisa never came into Yeti Cave with the intention of being competitive with other people, but she does compete with herself immensely. She started faithfully inputting her workouts in Beyond the Whiteboard when she started and was HOOKED on bettering those pesky scores/grades that the workout tracking system gives out. Since she has joined the gym, Lisa has averaged 4.2 workouts per week. When she started at the gym the “BTWB overlords” gave her a 33 overall fitness level. As you can imagine for someone who completed four 100mi races, that did not sit well with her. Since then, her overall rating has DOUBLED to a 66 overall! Which is right on track with what Beyond the Whiteboard says progression typically takes. Check out: https://btwb.blog/2014/07/08/how-long-does-it-take-to-improve-in-crossfit/

What’s also very cool is how supportive she is of everyone in the gym. There have been countless stories of people doing various races/events in town and they report how “yes it was fun, but WOW, how cool that LISA came to watch!”

Since Lisa isn’t known to be someone seeking out crowds, I was pleasantly surprised when she joined a team of Yetis to compete at the Project Uplift competition in September. Lisa, Caty Bator, Ryan, and Austin Pace, of course had the most bad ass name of all the teams, the “Slaughterers…” And being a collective group of some of the smartest at the gym, their shirts were pretty clever. Can you read the elements on the shirts they made for the comp in this picture?

Lisa is quite inspirational to many in the gym. Currently she’s been doing not only the class workouts but extra rowing workouts, as she plans to CRUSH the marathon row all on her own when that rolls around in the gym programming. And when I say extra workouts I mean casually going 10k..12…14…16k after a hard CrossFit workout!

People admire not just the extra dedication, extra workouts but also her outstanding form! She loves when I ask her to demo a movement during class 😉

I feel lucky to have Lisa at the gym. She is so smart and must internally deal with so much to put up with me as her knuckle dragging caveman coach 😉 It’s a blast to hear about her crazy running, adventures with her cool husband, and science stories. If you see her, be sure to congratulate her on being the Yeti Cave Member of the month this month!



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