Greg Rittner, the “Mustache Wonder,” is September’s Member of the Month

Greg Rittner, the “Mustache Wonder,” is September’s Member of the Month

t’s a bird…It’s a plane…it’s Superman….no…it’s the 3rd best mustache in America!!!

Congrats to Greg Rittner for being September’s member of the month

One day Coach Mike brings a friend (Greg) into the gym. I was a bit skeptical due to what the workout entailed that Mike and Greg were actually friends… it was a brutal hero workout name’d “Coffland,” and I figured there was no way Mike was bringing someone he liked in for such a tortourous workout!

For Time:

Hang from the pull-up bar for 6min

*Each time you drop from the bar, immediately do 800m run, 30 push-up and get back on pull-up bar

I asked Mike what he was thinking, or was Greg already in good shape??? I made sure Greg knew that he could slow down at any point, rest and grab water, to just have fun with a TOUGH first CrossFit workout.

I remember at some point I walked outside to check on everyone running, looking especially for Greg…I hadn’t seen him in awhile…

Standing by the tree out front, I waited to see if Greg would appear from behind one of the buildings that obscures our 800m run route. A decent amount of time elapses and I go inside thinking I missed him somehow, turns out I did miss him, he was laying on the ground in between the couches and cubbies like a wounded animal.

I walked over to Greg he seemed ok, but extremely fatigued. I invited him to sit or lay on the couch but he said he prefered to stay where he was…I felt bad for the guy, I’m never out to crush someone like that intentionally, especially not on their first day.

Greg did get up again and continued to battle through some portion of the workout until the time cap for the day. Impressive, clearly a tough dude.

After the workout I checked in with Greg again, figuring this would be the last time ever to see him, due to an awful first experience, and to my surprise he signed up that day before leaving!

Ever since he joined, I don’t think Greg has missed a single day unless he’s been traveling for work or vacation… His dedication to the process, patience and good humor are commendable. Not only is he humbly learning, and listening to his body, he adds tons of positive energy to each class everyday. He goes out of his way to say hi to people and is always in good spirits. His positive outlook on training and life are perfect for making exercise a sustainable healthy habit.

Not only is he lifting more weight, moving with higher quality, and getting faster times, he also won both Nutrition Challenge categories, “overall % fat loss” and “muscle gain!”

He talks all the time about how he is changing his eating and drinking habits and feels great about doing it. He’s not giving anything up, he lives life to the fullest but now he’s thinking about how he will feel in the gym if he eats or drinks a certiain way, then as a result he performs better in the gym, feels better all day and is more motivated to stay healthy outside the gym! A positive reinforcement circle!

For Greg it has also become a family affair here at the gym, his “super-wife” Stef, is his biggest supporter and is proud of his progress, I love seeing her encouraging posts on social media about the family! J She is famous at the gym for her strength and acrobatic skill from her Lyra training, and their kiddos Eleanor and Benjamin are pretty much mini Yeti Cave Mascots, with Apollo as their side-kick. They watch mom and dad closely, it will be exciting to see them pursue athletic and healthy living too!

Be sure to congratulate Greg when you see him on being September’s Member of the Month! Greg is a great representative of Yeti Cave’s positive culture and values. He continues to #wintheweek one week at a time, bettering his fitness and the community in the gym!




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