Member of the Month – Hannah Rininger!

Member of the Month – Hannah Rininger!

Congrats to Hannah Rininger for being August’s Member of the Month!

When Hannah started at the gym she came across as slightly shy and timid, turns out she’s anything but! It didn’t take her long after Fundamentals to start attacking workouts and new movements! Not only does she get after the workout, but her intensity and effort raise the energy of the entire class, it’s very clear that her presence gives those around her confidence to try harder too.

Hannah brings a serious amount of focus to each workout. You can see it all over her face in the middle of a lift, run or gymnastics movement. It will throw me off sometimes while coaching, to the point I ask if she’s ok…lol…she is definitely ok…she just has the focused look of a professional “CrossFitter” tackling the final event of the CrossFit Games. Her passion, focus, effort, and positivity is contagious and makes it simply a blast to have her in class.

She typically stays after the class too, working on extra mobility and recovery. But not just off in the corner by herself, she usually has 2-3 others roped into doing extra recovery as well, joking around, laughing and having fun, ya’ll can thank her for helping you feel better after workouts 😉

It’s rare for Hannah to miss Team Workouts on Saturdays. And if you don’t know already, you know now that you want to be on her team! Hannah lays it all on the line for the team. You’ll see her leading and sychronizing everyone’s efforts to maximize the progress through the workout. She’s very motivational and encouraging to everyone regardless if they’re new or experienced gym members.

Be sure to congratulate her when you see her on being August’s Member of the Month! Hannah is a great representative of Yeti Cave’s positive culture and values. She continues to #wintheweek one week at a time, bettering her fitness and the community in the gym!



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