Connor – July’s Member of the Month

Connor – July’s Member of the Month

Congrats to Conner Salem for being July’s Member of the Month!

Hard to find any photos of this stud with a shirt on…your welcome ladies 😉

When Conner first started at the gym, he expressed that he wanted to train to become a Navy Seal. I looked him, the much scrawnier version of Connor that most gym members wouldn’t recognize now, and knew there was plenty of work to be done. At the time he couldn’t really do even a single correct pull-up, and his pushups were weak, lots of sagging in the middle and partial reps at best.

We laid out a plan.

Not only did Connor begin to do each days CrossFit workout but he did the extra work we talked about. He was running in the mornings before work, would do the CrossFit workout for the day, then do a series of pull-up and pushups, and would swim on top of that multiple times a week.

Conner also has a big heart. He would be the first to help out other members at the gym, or offer encouragement. Anytime someone in the gym wanted to do extra pull-up/pushup work he would help them get through it, whether he had already done his extra work or not!

Now Connor can rip off a set of 25 strict pull-ups and has fantastic pushup form in the range of 75-80 reps! He’s gained around 15lbs of muscle and is signing with the Navy, ship out date TBD.

Since we don’t know exactly when he’s getting out of here, make sure to congratulate him the next time you see him and enjoy a workout with him. I’m sure if you ask he will do an extra set of pull-ups with you before he goes 😉

I can’t wait to hear about the future training and all the awesome stuff he’s going to go do.

Connor came into the gym disciplined and mentally tough, he trained his tail off, and now I have no doubt that he’s got the physical ability to help him crush each test that he’s about to face.




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