Yeti Cave Member of the Month for June 2018

Yeti Cave Member of the Month for June 2018

Congratulations to Tyler Johnson for being June’s Member of the Month!

“I’m athletic…I’ve played hockey…raced quads…ride bikes…I want to stay at a high level…I never used to have to train to be good, to feel good…”

Sounds similar to how a lot of us feel or have felt…Sums up the first conversation I had with Ty. One of my favorite, first conversations with a member from the gym. It makes me smile mostly because we can compare Ty from then, when he first joined to Ty today.

When Ty first joined, he looked a bit like a puppy dog that just did something wrong, a bit deflated, appearing sad at the fact that now needed to add a training program to his life in order to continue doing the things he wanted to do, at the same level or higher than he used to do.

I did my best after that first conversation with Ty to reassure him that our goal and objective everyday in the gym was to enable him to perform and do the things he loved at a higer level then when he started, that each session would have purpose and translate to real life and athletics. I also tried to communicate to him that we would make training as fun as possible!

Compare that with Ty today!

Ty was dedicated to the process from the start. He has always been extremely coachable and patient, steadily improving performance in the gym and outside the gym. Just two weeks ago I ran into one of Ty’s friends, Eric, the owner of Drake Cyclery…Eric told me that riding with Ty this season he noticed Ty has been riding “better that usual” and “hammering hard” on the trails. That’s crazy, as Ty was already one of the fastest mountain bikers in Fort Collins according to Strava (equivalent of Beyond the Whiteboard for bikers and trail runners).

Now Ty resembles nothing of a sad puppy…more like a king of the jungle! Walking into the gym, he’s darn near a celebrity at the gym! The young, the old, the new members, and the CrossFit-veterans are all excited if they get to be in his class! He may not be the loudest in the room but he does a great job at building relationships with each person he meets. He’s now the humble “Yeti-veteran” member that is always improving the atmosphere with his presence! He never has anything but good things to say, advice to offer, encouragement, or a smile and a laugh to share. One of those people who no matter what kind of day it’s truly a pleasure to be around.

One of my favorite stories about Ty embodies what the CrossFit Open is all about. In 2017 Ty did his first CrossFit Open. And like everyone he was met with a series of challenges, one for him that he took a personal vendetta against was double-unders. As Ty has a fiery, competitive spirit, he was frustrated at not crushing the double-under workout…after the 2017 CrossFit Open, Ty vowed to me that he would not be held back by double-unders the next year. And from the look in his eye, you knew right away he was serious.

Ty bought his own jump rope, did all the extra skills and drills that I teach, and practiced at least once a week, extra double unders for almost an entire year. In 2018, the CrossFit Open rolled around and Ty kept asking me, “when are we doing double unders?!?!” He was ready.

They finally showed up, and in 2018 they were in sets of 100 at a time before you could move on to the next part of the workout! Ty got the chance to redeem himself that he wanted! Ty did 100 double unders, 20 overhead squats with 115lbs and then did 100 MORE double unders in 7:52 on CrossFit Open 18.3!

Equally cool to Ty crushing his “movement-nemesis,” was the fact the Ty watched and cheered on just about every single Saturday heat of the CrossFit Open at the gym. He made himself available to judge and if he wasn’t judging then he was cheering people on.

Ty represents the Yeti Cave mottos “Move More, Live More,” and “Win the Week.” Congratulate him on being June’s Member of the Month next time you’re lucky enough to have him in your class!

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