May’s Member of the Month – Liz Hysen

May’s Member of the Month – Liz Hysen

Congratulations to Liz Hysen for being May’s Member of the Month!

When I think about my time getting to know Liz, she represents a story that I’ve seen over and over again since starting the gym, a story about the common struggles so many people go through when starting CrossFit. A story of bravery.

Liz was introduced to the gym by her friend from CSU, Lisa Dysleski. Lisa told Liz, who is more quite and reserved, “don’t worry about working out with a bunch of people, the 5:15am class is never that full…” So often, it can be daunting to be in the same workout class as people that have already been doing it longer than you have.

Liz liked that the first couple classes she attended weren’t that full, but soon, 5:15am has become one of Yeti Cave’s most popular classes! But, she realized that everyone at Yeti Cave, regardless of what class time she went to, was just like her, trying to be fit and healthy, to make everyday living and adventures better and better! I’m proud of all of the gym members for being so welcoming, regardless of ability level, everyone welcomes the beginner, the same way they would a “CrossFit-fire breather.

As many did at the beginning of their CrossFit experience, Liz had hesitations whenever there involved a barbell movement. She came in from a running background and wasn’t familiar with the weightlifting movements. But now, she isn’t afraid to try anything. She rarely uses the 15-lb training barbell for any lift now, and goes for the 35-lb bar, she has a healthy respect for the barbell, focuses on technique and is getting better and better form on the barbell lifts every time she is in class.

Early on as a member, Liz was dealing with a bit of a knee injury, we would modify the movements to accommodate and rehab the knee. She even took advantage of personal training with our intern Brandon to work on upper body strength for awhile. Now, she has no knee pain, rarely modifies any of the movements and went on to run the Horsetooth Half Marathon faster than she did the year before! Despite not being able to run as much! What a cool accomplishment and display of personal toughness and resolve!

I was also pleasantly surprised, when I threw out the invitation to the gym members to help promote the gym at the CSU Fast and Furiest 5k race, that Liz volunteered 🙂 She was one of the first ones there, and made sure the display looked good (no way that could be left to me…lol) and was a welcoming person for people to talk to at our booth.

I’m incredibly proud of the progress Liz has made. She gets out of her comfort zone at the gym, is incredibly hard working, patient, dedicated, and is a wonderful part of the Yeti Cave family.

Liz represents the Yeti Cave mottos “Move More, Live More,” and “Win the Week.” Congratulate her on being May’s Member of the Month next time you’re lucky enough to have her in your class 🙂

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