March’s Member of the Month – Karen!

March’s Member of the Month – Karen!

Congratulations to Karen Landsgaard for being March’s Member of the Month!

Gotta show some love for the original Yeti Cave gym Mom 🙂 Much overdue! Karen was one of the first members to join the gym, and other than being a Detroit Lions fan, she has been a great member of the gym!

When she first contacted me, inquiring about the gym and about CrossFit, I got a string of text messages probably 5 pages long! She explained at length how she wasn’t “super out of shape, but not in shape,” and that she was nervous about someone “like her” being able to do CrossFit. There was too much to respond to via text, lol, so I called her to go over her concerns 😉

Karen took to CrossFit like an excited puppy dog seeing snow for the first time! She excitedly did each new workout emphasizing form, learning new skills that she never thought she’d be able to do! She was especially excited to start fitting into clothes better again and feeling more confident and able in her body. And whether it was switching from the training bar to the women’s barbell for her lifts, learning rope climbs or nailing a pull-up, Karen’s consistent hard work quickly started to show results!

I’ll never forget after a short period of time, Karen told me that she was able to open all the jars for cooking Thanksgiving dinner unassisted (she is quite the cook, and cooks lots of amazing food!), was carrying the huge laundry baskets by herself, was buying the 50lb bags of dog food instead of two 25lb bags, and doing extremely difficult hikes with her adventurous husband, Hank. These improvements in her daily life completely overshadowed in my mind, all of the feats of fitness in the gym. It was a perfect example of fitness in the gym improving life outside the gym! She was moving more and living more 🙂

Karen is one of the best advocates for the gym. After probably day one of her being a member at the gym I gave her the title of “gym mom,” because regardless of who came in the gym she was welcomes them and encourage them, and makes everyone in the building feel like a family. She often will go out of her way to help me at the gym when she can, even if I never asked, I am very grateful for her help and support on so many small things! Karen has also been a great example of overcoming adversity and setbacks. At some points she has been forced to listen to her body and rest more than she wants. At 50 years young, she wants to train every single day! During her time here she has learned when she can push, when to come in for a “recovery day,” and when to rest, in order to bring intensity and focus to her workouts and maximize her fitness results in the gym and in daily life! Often rest days and recovery days can be more difficult than the hardest workouts, Karen wants to GO, GO, GO!

Karen represents the Yeti Cave mottos “Win the Week,” and “Move More, Live More” well. Congratulate her on being March’s Member of the Month 🙂



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