November's Member of the Month

November's Member of the Month

This month's Member of the Month article is brought to you by Coach Mike, a fun fresh perspective on yet another incredible member of the Yeti Cave family :)  This month's Member of the Month is Stef Rittner!


It’s amazing to see how friendships will blossom and evolve over time. I met Stef years ago at a wonderful little whole in the wall named William Oliver’s. She and her husband, Greg, were friends with the owner, and regulars at the pub. I realized that they were cool, and they had questionable enough standards that they befriended me. At that time, we only saw each other at our local watering whole.


Fast forward a couple of years and I convince her husband to come in and workout with us. Suddenly, he was hooked. However, to become a true power couple it was imperative for Stef to get in the mix. She came in with a gymnastics, and aerial background, needless to say she made her presence known almost instantly! The ability to walk on her hands, dangle around on the rings, and do pullups put other gym goers in awe.


It’s obvious how strong she is within the walls of Yeti Cave CrossFit, but where she truly shines is as a mother of 3. A set of twins, and larger mustachioed child (Greg)! She balances her home life, working as a teacher, and being active in the community with as much grace as when she’s handstand walking.


Stef brightens the gym day in and day out. She brings a humble grit and desire to be consistently better, and it carries over to the other members, and without them knowing it they begin to push just a little harder. A gym is just a box with metal, wood, and rubber inside. It truly is the members that make it a community, somewhere that you not only improve your fitness, but your friendships. Stef is notorious for having people over for board games, book club, football games, or general shenanigans.


Thank you, Stef, for bringing your fire every day. Thank you for being such a gracious, caring, fun woman. Finally, thank you for being a wonderful friend, and mother.


Your Yeti Cave member of the month is Stef Ritter!!

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