"Fink" - December's Member of the Month

"Fink" - December's Member of the Month

Congrats to David Finkelstein for being December’s Member of the month!


Some people always make you smile and laugh a little more just by walking in the room.  “Fink,” as many call him, is one of those people.


Always smiling, always joking around, always encouraging those in class with him, Fink is one of the most positive and upbeat people I’ve ever meet, and we are so lucky to have him at the gym!


Fink has logged 130 workout sessions in Beyond the Whiteboard, and puts in hard work day in and day out.  He made a 20lb personal record on his overhead squat at the end of the overhead squat cycle, battling to improve mobility and form as we all do.  In the last 6 months Fink has raised his fitness score in Beyond the Whiteboard from a 28 to a 53 overall!  His strongest category is the “Powerlifting” category with a 73 in that section, the dude can move some serious weights!


He’s been very dedicated to his fitness outside the gym as well.  If your Instagram stalking him…I mean following him on Instagram…you may start drooling over all the amazing healthy meal prep that he does.


Fink will do anything to help out.  He’s sat down with me to share his marketing expertise, he encourages everyone around him in class, and he helped recruit two of our amazing coaches Josh and Britt Page!  Fink epitomizes the Yeti Cave atmosphere, balancing humility and a fun loving attitude for fitness and health. 


He’s never short of a funny story, guaranteed to make you smile and feel good.  If you see him at the gym tell him congrats on being our December member of the month and have a great time in class with him!

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