January's Member of the Month - Ryan!

January's Member of the Month - Ryan!

Congrats to Ryan Scarborough on being the January Member of the month!


He’s probably not going to love the attention for just being himself.  But I think we all will enjoy, lauding Ryan for being the incredible person he is.  Most of us probably read “The Big Friendly Giant” growing up.  That’s kind of how I see Ryan.  One of the most friendly people in the gym, with the stature of what must’ve been one of the largest and fearsome players on his collegiate football team.  Would’ve been amazing to see Ryan on the field!


Ryan is as strong as an ox.  Rowing or assault bike team workout?  Get him on your team ASAP!  When Ryan is rowing, it often looks as if the rower transformed into a jet-plane trying to go airborne! 


I will never forget when Josh Snee sent me a text over the summer break saying, "WHO THE HECK IS RYAN S?" He was keeping up with all our workouts over the summer and kept "battling" back and forth with Ryan on rowing and assault bike workouts.  It was funny when Ryan also asked, "WHO THE HECK IS JOSH?" Someones gotta keep the young guns on their toes ;)


No question Ryan came into CrossFit with some serious strength already in his back pocket, but we had to deconstruct a lot of the movement patterns he’d built up over the years. 


It speaks volumes to Ryan's character at his ability to humble himself and listen to the coaches, as we adjusted about every movement from his squat and deadlift to power clean, snatch and ring row. 


He had patience to change, he listened, for a month he hardly did squats without a box in front of him, until he could find balance in the middle of his foot.   Picture that.  A guy with probably the most raw power in the gym doing squats with the box, or cleans with almost no weight, deliberately practicing to get the form right.  He gets the larger picture.  The goal isn’t simply to do more weight, reps, rounds…but to develop better movement patterns to make daily life better, and yes, in the end by improving form, to lift more and do more work in the gym too.


Ryan maximizes his time, taking advantage of all of everything we offer.  CrossFit, Rowing club, yoga when we had it, team workouts and probably a boot camp sprinkled in here and there for fun.


And for a busy psychotherapist with a big family and a couple BIG dogs at home, he makes the extra time in order to prehab and rehab his body.  Whether he’s focusing on his back and posture, ankle and calf mobility or retraining his shoulder movement after a lifetime of improper tracking.  He’s always making himself better before/after class.


Ryan, thanks for always being there to keep me “sane” (not sure that’s what your assessment of my mental state would be).  The numerous times you’ve sat with me to give friendly counsel and advice have been invaluable. 


Who needs Tony Robbins when you have a Ryan Scarborough at the gym!!  Thank you for embodying the what it means to be a humble hard worker and always being the biggest supporter of everyone around you.  You’re a big man, with a big family, big dogs…but thank you most of all for having such a big kind heart for all of us at Yeti Cave. 

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