February's Member of the Month - Monica Paez

February's Member of the Month - Monica Paez


February’s Member of the Month is Monica Paez!


Monica Paez is a friend of Selena’s from Center, Colorado.  She moved out to Colorado this past year after completing her Master’s Degree and taking a position at Colorado State University (they had to entice her to come with a swanky office in the new stadium) and tried out Yeti Cave in September of 2018.


I can’t quite remember, but I’m pretty sure we played “Yeti Ball,” during her first trial class and right away it was apparent that Monica is a competitor at heart, and gets after it during workouts!


Monica has picked up quickly on movements we do in the gym.  She is very dedicated to the process and pays close attention while going over the skills and drills portion of class. 


You’ll often find her at the 6:15am class rallying the other class members to push hard.  She is always incredibly fun to be around, and supportive of everyone around.


As is common for anyone starting CrossFit for the first time, Monica had plenty of aches and pains as she put her body through the gauntlet of new movements and very intense workouts, but that didn’t stop her.  She practiced a variety of ways to improve her mobility and recovery, which in turn has also paid dividends for her rapid form improvement.


Monica is incredibly “coachable.”  She responds well to cues, and if she doesn’t understand something, asks great questions that benefit the entire class!  She is humble, hardworking, positive, and an overall joy to have as part of our fitness family.


If you get the chance to play “Yeti Ball” with her, you have lucked out!


Be sure to congratulate Monica when you see her on being February’s Member of the Month J






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