Katie G. - March's Member of the Month!

Katie G. - March's Member of the Month!

All of the Yeti Cave members are amazing in their support for the gym.  Let alone the hard physical, mental…and sometimes emotional… efforts in workouts, we have probably the most generous and caring people in all of Fort Collins right here at our gym. 


Every single day I see our members lifting each other up, helping in whatever way they can, offering advice on a movement, advise on a shoe or equipment, or just excitedly cheering and supporting someone finishing a workout.


I wanted to give a special shout out to some of the people who have shared their creative talents with the gym.


Ever had a tweak or tightness that was helped with a little body tempering?  Well thank Austin Pace, for making our tempering rollers and Coach Mike for leaving his pain pill at the gym so we can help alleviate those pains!


Had fun playing on the beautiful pegboards?  Well those are compliments of the talented craftsman Matt Hysen!  We haven’t done much with those massive strongman stones yet, but it’s nice to have them as an available challenge!


And I want to thank you all for the various “Christmas gifts” to the gym over the years, the pullup rig extension and ski-ergs are so generous and make the classes run smoother and add so much to our gym experience J


And that leads me to our March Member of the Month, Katie Gabriel!


Most recently, there have been two art projects that have been taking everyone's breath away, and getting us all “jacked up” to workout.  Katie Gabriel’s two most recent painting projects, the flag in the back, and the Yeti Cave logo inside the pull up cage (Emma helped too!) are simply incredible. 


I’m still getting comments every day from you all about how cool the paintings look, they have completely transformed the atmosphere and feel in the gym, in the best way possible! 


In order to make these projects happen, Katie had to work after we closed, sometimes in the dead of night, locked in the gym with her dog Shiner for protection J She had to set up a projector with a transparency in order to get the lines and images taped off, then went back to diligently paint the sections in-between all the stars on the flag, and even captured the “textured” look in our logo under the pullup rig. 


As an art professor at CSU and just knowing Katie’s “workout-ethic,” I knew she would do an outstanding job.  I asked her to have Emma help with the logo project, as Emma is an aspiring art student at CSU.  Katie took her on the project, and taught Emma new techniques and design project management skills as well. 


Katie spent about 14 hours on each project, and obsessed over the details to make the paintings really special! 


You can catch Katie in the mornings, lunch class and some of each evening class, smiling, working out hard, and having fun with everyone in the room.  Be sure to tell her thanks for making the gym more bad-a$$!


As a member of the gym I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention how far Katie has come on her fitness journey.  She’s always going 100% effort on every workout, no matter what it is.  She’s gotta keep her husband Tristan, the uber-tough firefighter, on his toes ;) With a tenacious attitude, Katie attacks each workout and has added weight to her lifts and slashed her times on many different exercises and workouts!


Congratulate Katie on a job well done and on being March’s Member of the Month!


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