Nikki Walton is the April Member of the Month!

Nikki Walton is the April Member of the Month!

Congrats to Nikki on being April’s Member of the Month!


Nikki’s gym story is one about bravery.  Not unlike many of the other members at our little gym.


Nikki is the mother of four, an endurance athlete that loves running and biking.  She told me the other day she came into Yeti Cave CrossFit because her high school daughter Angelina, asked her to do it with her in order to get ready for Track and Field season.  And anytime a mother is asked to do something with her kids, it’s kind of like telling Benjamin and Eleanor (6yr old’s) that they get to do whatever they want in the gym and play (remember be nice to those mothers)! 


She was very concerned about many of the movements, unsure and wary of the weights and barbells, mostly because the condition of her back is less than ideal (also not uncommon). 


Battling with a feeling of not doing an adequate job, I explained to her that she’s doing exactly what’s appropriate for her.  It doesn’t matter what the “RX” workout is, or what anyone else is doing.  At the end of the day the coaches are going to make sure to customize the class experience so that there is a proper stimulus for each person, based on where they are that day!  Slowly, this message has sunk in, and her technique gets better and better.


One scary thing for her was learning that dropping a barbell with weights on it is OK!  Dropping weights is typically not allowed in most conventional gyms, but when learning power lifts and Olympic weightlifting, it’s actually a safety issue to be comfortable dropping weights from overhead!  One class, I made Nikki drop the weights every rep to help her get used to this new concept.  I was dying laughing on the inside.  The first 10 times she dropped it her face and body reacted as if she was being forced to watch a priceless painting dropped on the ground! 


I can’t even remember the last time Nikki has missed a day.  She’s on time and in good spirits!  She’s friendly and connects with everyone in class.  She’s laser focused on what the coaches say and is very sharp when executing the various technique drills.


Now, Nikki doesn’t mind changing up the workout on the board, and knows that the coaches are there for her to make sure the day’s workout is suited for her!  She’s just about over the fear of dropping the weights when needed, and is just a treasure of a nice person to have in our gym.  You’ll catch her at the gym typically in the afternoon classes, and if Angelina is there, she’s got an extra pep in her step!  Be sure to get to know her when you get the chance, congratulate her on being April’s Member of the Month!


We are all overcoming fears, pushing our limits.  When one “mountain” is climbed there will be another larger.  Don’t fear the climb, don’t look at distant peaks with disdain, be in the moment.  Realize each day and workout is another step in the journey, making you stronger, faster, fitter…you’re making YOURSELF better than YOU used to be, so that the real “mountains” life throws at you are more manageable to tackle J


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