Everything you need to know about the Black-footed Ferret and May's Member of the Month

Everything you need to know about the Black-footed Ferret and May's Member of the Month

Congrats to the always happy and chipper Jasmine for being May’s member of the month!  I wanted to recognize her before she moves to Detroit in June, which is both happy and sad, happy because she’s called to go and excited about it, sad because we will all miss her.


I’m not sure I know anyone that smiles and laughs as much as Jasmine, or Jaz as many call her.  It always seems to be a grand event when she enters the gym and she’s usually followed by a wake of laughter and smiles.


Jaz, brings a contagious positivity with her wherever she goes, and I appreciate that fact, making classes so much fun. 


Sass and Class.  Not to be left out, I have to comment on Jaz’s fun-loving sass, from which no one is exempt!  She knows who needs a hard time and who needs a conversation, always reaching out to each person in class in some way.  As far as “Classiness” goes, she gives Coach Mike a run for his money with her style and sparkling shoes (Mike, I think NoBull needs a bedazzled style shoe for you to keep up…).


You may not know that Jasmine is a veteran of the US Navy and served before going to CSU.  Be sure to thank her for her service sometime when you get a chance.


It would always be fun when I would run through Starbucks for my 2nd coffee…ok maybe 3rd… and Jasmine would be working and she would excitedly greet me through the monitor.  I know many of you have experienced the same, a nice laugh from a friendly Yeti before or after a workout!


Jasmine also worked with the endangered species the Black-footed ferret, which much to my dismay she never brought any into the gym for me to play with and take home as a pet (Not sure Val would be pumped about that, or Apollo lol).


We’re going to miss her when she leaves!  Be sure to congratulate her this month and wish her well in Michigan.  I appreciate all the positivity you brought with you to our gym Jaz, and congrats on being May’s Member of the Month!

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