Yeti News - Memorial Day "Murph" and other events!

Yeti News - Memorial Day "Murph" and other events!

Hey everyone,

Couple things for May!

Quick thanks for everyone that brought their friends in for our Bring a Friend week.  As you all know it can be scary to go in somewhere and not know anyone in a group class like CrossFit.  I hope your friends enjoyed it and a couple have signed on to join in the fun on a regular basis!  I appreciate you all being so welcoming to new people on a regular basis.


Remember the deadline to order you Memorial Day “Murph” shirts is may 10th!  Cost is $25 for a shirt or tank.  The options are ladies-fit tank, unisex tank, or unisex t-shirt (yes I’m working on hoodies next…).

What is Memorial Day “Murph?”

It’s a Hero workout that many CrossFit gyms around the nation do on Memorial Day to commemorate the life of Michael Murphy and all other service members that gave their lives in the line of duty.  If you didn’t know, anytime a coach lets you know we’re doing a “Hero” workout, we’re honoring the life of a service member that lost their lives. 


The “Murph” workout was created to commemorate and honor Navy Seal Lt. Murphy.  Read about his story here

The workout “Murph” consists of the following:

For time:

Run, 1mile

100 pullups

200 pushups

300 air squats

Run, 1mile

*Wear a 20/14lb vest


Very common to do this workout partitioned, for example you could do:

Run a mile

10 rounds of:

10 pullups

20 pushups

30 air squats

Run a mile


It might be appropriate to NOT wear a vest or do a ½ “Murph” if this is your first time doing the workout.  This is a longer workout and I’ll go over the details of how we will run it at the gym below J


Upcoming events

Memorial Day Murph (Individual and Team option)

Monday, May 27th at 9am.  This is the only class of the day!

There will be only this class on this day. Be sure to come in before all the BBQs!

T-shirt order deadline is May 10th!

Heats will “waterfall start” every 10min in groups of ten people.

Invite all your friends to a Memorial Day "Murph" workout to commemorate and honor those who have given their lives in the military.  Regular drop in rate is $20.

We'll have a little BBQ afterwards as well!

FB Link:


Pool Party Workout and Swan Racing

Saturday, June 15th at 10:30am.  This will take the place of the Team Workout and we will have a BBQ afterwards.

At Corey's house! We will start with a pool style team workout, and will hang around afterwards to just have fun, have a beverage and eat some food!

We’re meeting there at 10:30am so it's nice and hot! 

Stay tuned for the potluck signup sheet as we get closer to the event :)

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Yeti Cave Spartan Race

Saturday, July 13th.  We may or may not have a Team Workout at the gym this day, so you might as well sign up and do the race with the Yeti Cave CrossFit team J 

You can be on the “Yeti Cave CrossFit” team whether you do the Sprint or Ultra distance options, and regardless of what time you choose to start!

The race is at Fort Carson, in Colorado Springs!

Spartan Link:


Hike Long’s Peak

Saturday, August 17th, we will start hiking at 4am!  We may or may not have a Team Workout at the gym this day so you might as well come hike one of Colorado’s most iconic “14ers” with us J

If you are hesitant (it is very challenging) there are multiple spots that serve as natural turnaround places with amazing views.  Places where you can either stop and wait for group to come back, or stop and go back down.  Chasm Lake, the Boulder field, and the Keyhole are all cool spots along the route that have amazing views and are worth hiking to!

We will probably campout the night before near the trailhead, so we don’t have to drive as much and then get out straight into the hike.  I did this with a few friends a couple years ago, all coming from sea level and none of us got altitude sickness, think camping at higher elevation might’ve helped.

I would make sure if you want to do this you either buy/have study hiking boots that you can break in before this event.

We will start hiking by 4am since it is crucial to summit by noon.


For those of you newer to the gym,check out the gym Facebook page: yeticavecrossfit/


 As always feel free to reach out to me with any questions,



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